Typing text in MS – Word. So the first step in using Microsoft word is learning how to enter text in a word file, called a document. In every documents, word displays a blinking cursor that points to where your text will appear if you type anything. To move the cursor, you can use the keybord or the mouse.

Skill Required:
  • Computer skills/Basic/Word processing.
  • Basic, internet, email, hardware, software concepts Word processing. Formating presentations Graphics.
  • Offline data entry.


After got the file and then type properly and send to company mail id with in working period of company.

Registration fees 1000 (Refundable with condition).
Payment per page Rs.50/per page.
Number of Pages 100 Pages/per project 200 pages per Month.
Working Period 10 days/per project.
Payments Monthly ones.
Total earnings Rs. 5,000/per project.
Minimum Accuracy Below 50% Accuracy (below 50 Errors).
Error 50.1% and above ID Terminated.
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